Xianxing "Yes365" 365 Day Moving Service, engaged in domestic boutique moving, enterprise moving, and so on.Customized professional moving services and solutions offered,making moving an easy task.


1.The city packaging moving

2.Domestic moving

3.The enterprise moving

4.The whole house customizes

5.Home cleaning

6.Interior decoration

7.Furniture maintenance

8.Formaldehyde detection

Yes-365 Service Concept


Yes-365 provides 365 days a year specialized moving service.


According to customer needs, customized personalized moving program.

3.Packing box:

Draw on the moving experience of Japanese and Korean professional team, use custom finishing box, hanging suitcase, sofa cover, piano cover, refrigerator set TV protection box and so on.


Offered to customers in varied need, to provide accommodation and return services.


5.Transparent pricing:

All costs will be calculated before we sign the contract, and no price increase will occur during the moving process.

If our service is what you need,
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