2. Armed with professional logistics equipment management technology, providing a number of enterprises with Korean Doushan, Japanese Li Zhi You Deng and other high quality logistics equipments. Completing a variety of difficult logistics handling service

CY Yard

1.CY yard 46240㎡, Multi-purpose warehouse 6000㎡ (Including bonded warehouse 2000㎡).

2.Three inspections and customs declaration: Customs,commodity inspection, sanitation inspection, animal and plant inspection and other supervision departments are stationed in Jinmen.

3.Commodity Import Bonded Zone and channel.

4.Foreign machinery and equipment import agent, moving and installation.

5.Leasing of Warehouse , Processing Zone and Bonded Zone.

Equipment Leasing

1.It has a variety of models forklift, crane and other heavy equipment.

2.According to customer needs, to provide a variety of professional handling tasks.

3.Equipment rental and management.

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